Guidelines to Choosing the Best Web Designer in Nanaimo, BC

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Welcome to, professional quality web design, at competitive pricing! Our aim is to provide you with the best possible quality internet services at a price which won’t break the bank.


The design part of the process takes ideas and turns them into pixels.

Our designers will take all the information they can from the consultation and make an initial proof of your website.

This will typically be images of how the homepage would look. The proof will display use of imagery, colour palette, typography, layout and navigational elements.

Once the proof have been approved, our designers take that proof and build a site based upon it, making adjustments as they go along to compensate for large areas of text or elements that the development team need a certain way. This is then presented to you and you can test it and get a feel for how the site will work when all the content is in place.

Now that the site has been built, tested and approved our developers get there hands on it.


The development stage takes ideas and concepts of functionality and makes them reality. Our developers will build applications to make your site work the way you want it to. This can be by providing you with the tools to maintain the site (such as an online magazine you can edit yourself via an online administration panel). Building a self sufficient system (such as an online shopping system which can handle transactions, send confirmation e-mails and display search results). Or anything else you want to be able do with your site or things you want your site to be able to do on its own. really push the envelope in technical development capabillity when compared to regular web design agencies.

We are experienced in many different platforms and server techhnologies: Windows, Apple, and, Apache. We can integrate with and expand your legacy systems, or help you choose the best system for your new system.

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